About the Technical Assistance Facility

The Technical Assistance Facility of the Green for Growth Fund supports the Fund in achieving its goal of enhancing energy efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions through support of the renewable energy sector. It operates hand in hand with the GGF. By combining investments with targeted technical assistance, the GGF strives to build up capacities within its partner institutions that ensure the long-term effectiveness of its investments.

Projects financed by the Technical Assistance Facility include:

  • Capacity building and training to GGF's partner institutions (both financial institutions and non-financial institutions).
  • Awareness raising and market enabling activities.
  • Validation and monitoring of energy savings and CO2 emission reductions.

The provision of sound technical assistance is key to the success of improved energy efficiency and the growth of renewable energy. Recognizing the complexity of the energy efficiency and renewable energy sectors, the Technical Assistance Facility is providing support to GGF's partner institutions to ensure the sustainable use of energy efficiency and renewable energy loans in adherence with GGF's guidelines. By doing so the Technical Assistance Facility helps bridge knowledge gaps and supports GGF in fulfilling its role as market enabler.

The Technical Assistance Facility is structured independently from GGF as a Trust Fund under Luxembourg law. It is overseen by the Technical Assistance Facility Committee (TAC) representing the initiators of the Fund and the donors to the Technical Assistance Facility: the European Investment Bank, KfW Development Bank and the European Investment Fund as Trustee for the European Commission. As the ultimate authority, the TAC approves all Technical Assistance Facility activities and supervises its management. The Technical Assistance Facility is managed by Finance in Motion as Advisor of GGF.

To carry out its activities, the Technical Assistance Facility receives funds from international development institutions, other donors, and, at the discretion of the GGF Board of Directors, a share of GGF's income.

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