Investments in Financial Institutions

Financial institutions play a very important role in mainstreaming energy efficiency and renewable energy in Southeast Europe, the European Neighbourhood Region and in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) providing targeted financing in these sectors to companies, households and the public sector. Accordingly, investments in financial institutions will comprise the majority of GGF's portfolio. GGF seeks to assist financial institutions in making finance available to various clients not  only through providing long-term capital but also by providing technical assistance for them to develop demand-oriented products, to enhance or create demand where appropriate. The GGF Technical Assistance Facility supports the building of the institutional capacities of the sector.

Investments in financial institutions are undertaken to benefit various projects and clients in the area of energy efficiency and renewable energy.

  1. Eligible projects financed through the GGF's credit lines in the area of energy efficiency are separated into three categories, depending on the ultimate loan recipient (the sub-loan borrower) and the end product financed.  These categories can be broadly summarized as follows:
Standard Non-Standard SME/Industrial/Muni
Typical Recipient Households, SME Homeowners Associations (HOA), SME Businesses, Municipalities, Public Sector
Eligible Measures Building envelope, heat source & distribution, lighting, renewable utilization, combined heat/power Building envelope, heat source & distribution, lighting, renewable utilization, combined heat/power Diverse range of energy efficiency projects

These eligible measures are only indicative – GGF may consider a broader universe of measures that fit into its investment guidelines and criteria

  1. GGF also provides financing to financial institutions for on-lending in support of renewable energy projects. In general these are projects selected using the financial institution's in-house expertise in this sector. Renewable energy projects eligible for funding via financial institutions must meet the same technical requirements as GGF's own, direct investments in this sector.

For more information on the services available to financial institutions, please see:
Services for Financial Institutions

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