Investments in Non-Financial Institutions

GGF also makes direct investments into non-financial institutions, such as renewable energy projects, corporates or municipalities introducing energy efficiency measures, equipment manufacturers or service providers in the energy efficiency/renewable energy area, and energy service companies (ESCOs). Sometimes, as in the case of most renewable energy projects, these investments require considerable time and resources to come to fruition. Therefore, GGF carefully selects among projects depending on the development impact it can have, the quality of the sponsors, the availability of technical and financial analysis ("bankable documents"), among others aspects. Below please find additional detail on such direct investments, separated into three categories:

Energy service/supply To/through ESCOs
Recipient Energy Efficiency/Renewable Energy service or equipment companies Public sector, industrial
Eligible Measures Energy Efficiency/Renewable Energy producers or vendors, service companies Energy efficiency, renewable energy, energy performance contracts, energy supply contracts

For more information on the services available to non-financial institutions, please choose among the following:

Services for Energy Service Companies
Services for Suppliers of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Services or Equipment
Services for Municipalities/Public Entities

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