The Green for Growth Fund launches the “Green Journey” with partner financial institutions to demonstrate how green finance gives them a competitive edge in the market

Luxembourg, 08 December 2021  – The Green for Growth Fund (GGF) has launched its new platform, “Green Journey,” which showcases the business and environmental benefits of green finance and how its partner financial institutions are spearheading green finance to give them a competitive edge in their respective markets. The platform details the journeys navigated by partner financial institutions, and how they have been able to create innovative business solutions to capitalise on the momentum green finance has garnered.

The platform features real-life case studies to show the benefits of green investments and how the support provided by the GGF has enabled financial institutions to reap these benefits. Complete with an easy- to-navigate map on its microsite, the platform highlights a series of success stories that bring to life the experiences that fund’s partner financial institutions have had with green finance, which have brought both environmental and financial benefits.  

GGF Chairman Olaf Zymelka said: “We strongly believe that green finance is the future. Through this platform we get insights into how our partner financial institutions have diversified their portfolio, created new products, and increased their client base by putting sustainability at the core of their strategies. With our support, we hope that other financial institutions can be inspired to start their own Green Journey.”

 “In 2012, Partner found an ally in the Green for Growth Fund, which, in addition to financial resources, also provided the technical assistance necessary to launch such a pioneering project in Bosnia and Herzegovina. By educating potential clients and implementing measures on individual housing, we are making a significant impact on primary energy savings and reducing CO2 emissions at the national level,” said Selma Jahic, Executive Director for Credit Operations at MFC Partner in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Gaga Gogua, CEO of TBC Leasing had the following to say: “Renewable energy is core to the development of a green economy. Thanks to the products created jointly with our partner GGF, we have funded a number of projects in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency. In fact, our green portfolio has been increasing by an average of 100% per year.”

“Green funding is part of our professional DNA. The cooperation between ProCredit Bank and GGF has been going on for many years because we have a common goal and interest in environmental protection. I would like to invite all other institutions to support various energy efficient solutions that can have a positive effect on the development of a green economy,” concluded Mirjana Sučević, Head of Banking Services Department at Procredit Bank Serbia.

Check out the Green Journey hereand explore how the GGF is supporting financial institutions take green finance further.