Green Academy


Have you come across a useful training, course, or industry event on green finance, but require financial support to attend? As a representative of one of GGF’s partner institutions, you will receive the support you need to participate in relevant initiatives and increase your expertise on energy and resource efficiency, renewable energy, and other sustainable finance topics through our Training Sponsorship Program (TSP).



Here are some example trainings eligible for sponsorship:


Please see the TSP brochure for a broader listing of eligible trainings.

Time commitment and cost

The duration and time commitment needed for each event can be found by following the event’s  link.

The GGF Technical Assistance Facility (TAF) funds 100% of tuition and participation costs; the beneficiary institution covers related travel and accommodation costs of its staff, as well as other logistics costs, as applicable.   

The GGF TAF’s maximum contribution for training and conference sponsorship is limited to EUR 10,000 per institution per year. The total number of events - trainings, conferences, workshops, study visits and others – that one institution can apply for is 3 per year.

Who can apply

GGF Partners – representatives of commercial banks, leasing companies and microfinance institutions can apply for financial support under the TSP framework. 


How to apply

  1. Managers of your institution discuss staff training needs with the GGF TAF.
  2. Together they select the most suitable capacity-building course (in-house, external, etc.), as well as the eligible participant(s).
  3. Participant(s) submits a motivation letter to the GGF TAF.
  4. If the participation is approved, the GGF TAF sends a confirmation letter.
  5. The beneficiary institution registers for the training and makes travel and accommodation arrangements.