Green Academy


GGF Technical Assistance Facility (TAF) offers a wide range of tailored technical assistance projects that aim at building the capacity of GGF partner institutions in the field of sustainable finance, as well as developing the green finance ecosystem in the fund’s regions of operation. 

Our capacity building programs are tailored to the needs and priorities of our partner institutions, and include:

  • Developing green lending  strategies and products
  • Designing Environmental and Social Risk Management Systems (ESMS)
  • Providing market enabling and awareness-raising campaigns
  • Conducting Sectoral workshops and experience-sharing events
  • Implementing Technology Transfer Workshops to promote the best in class technologies

Here are several examples of our tailored capacity-building projects:  


  • Masterclasses on Environmental and Social (E&S) Risk management and E&S audit tailored for microfinance institutions in our target regions. 
  • Trainings for all our partner financial institutions on using eSave - a tool to manage  credit lines in terms of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and resource efficiency.
  • Advisory support projects on developing green lending guidelines, reporting tools, staff trainings, and promotional materials for banks and leasing companies in our regions of operation.
  • Client workshops on environmental, resource efficiency and renewable energy technologies and reporting standards.

Requesting the TA support for capacity building projects 

GGF partner institutions can address the GGF TAF with the request to receive tailored capacity building support. Each TA project will be designed and implemented in close cooperation with the partner institution to ensure that it addresses specific needs, challenges, and priorities of the institution.