Green Academy

Welcome to ESMS Primer, an introductory course on Environmental and Social Management Systems (ESMS) developed by the GGF Green Academy for partner financial institutions of the Green for Growth Fund. This course will familiarize you with the potential Environmental and Social (or E&S) risks facing your portfolio and introduce effective tools you can use to mitigate and manage these risks and enhance the positive impacts of your investments. We hope you find the course useful.

Video 1 – What are Environmental and Social Risks?

This video will introduce you to E&S risks and explain why it is important for the Financial Institution and its clients to identify, assess and manage these risks. 

Video 2 – Best practices for Environmental and Social Risks Management

This video will describe some of the international best practices and standards that institutions adopt to mitigate Environmental and Social (or E&S) risks in their lending and investment activities. 

Video 3 –ESMS to Identify, Assess and Manage E&S Risks 

In this video you will have an overview of how an ESMS can help Financial Institutions identify, assess, and manage E&S risks in their own operations and business activities 

Video 4 – Introduction to the Elements of ESMS

This video will give a detailed overview of the key components of financial institutions’ Environmental and Social Management System (or ESMS) 

Video 5 – E&S Due Diligence Cycle

In this video you will look at the credit appraisal process from the beginning of a loan application to its approval, focusing on the key steps an institution should take during environmental and social due diligence and monitoring. 

Video 6 – E&S Appraisal Process

This video will take you through implementation process of the environmental and social appraisal process. Three examples from low, medium, and high E&S risk categories will be revised.

Video 7 – GGF’s E&S Requirements

GGF’s E&S requirements for its Partner Institutions are explained in this video.