Impact Stories

Invest Today to Save Tomorrow

‘Invest Today to Save Tomorrow’ was the call to action when GGF Technical Assistance Facility launched an energy efficiency awareness campaign for Kosovo households with its local partner KEP Trust.


The campaign focused on homeowners to make them aware of the enhanced comfort and savings in energy bills resulting from energy efficiency measures like replacing windows and installing insulation. It covered multiple TV and radio channels, social media, as well as direct marketing targeting both urban and rural communities.
The housing sector in Kosovo is the largest energy-consuming sector in the country and offers a potential for energy savings of over 40% of its consumption. Until 2016, when the GGF added Kosovo to its portfolio, energy efficiency lending in the country was limited to a few banks with products targeted mainly at larger residential schemes and businesses providing energy efficiency products and services to households. Through the GGF’s holistic approach to promoting green finance, significant awareness has been generated about the impact of improved energy efficiency in households and about availability of microloans for this purpose, which is evident from increased credit demand reported by the GGF’s partners.