Services for Renewable Energy Project Developers

Many renewable energy projects are capital-intensive and require large amounts of funds to be raised well in advance of operations. Depending on the efficiency of the market concerned, sponsors may find it difficult to match tenor, terms and structure to the projected cash flows of the underlying project. Untested local markets, evolving public policy regimes and complex technical requirements require special considerations when it comes to financing and structuring.

The Green for Growth Fund is designed to fill this gap. It offers direct financing or financing through banks for established technologies such as solar thermal and photovoltaic, hydro, biomass, geothermal, small wind and biogas. GGF also provides technical assistance for viable renewable energy projects.

In selecting renewable energy projects to support, GGF will look at the development impact it can achieve with the project, the sponsor(s), availability of bankable documents, quality of the concession or permitting process, off-take or other main commercial risks, and overall risk/return profile. Keeping in line with the mission of the Fund, GGF targets small and medium-size RE projects but may support larger projects on a case-by-case basis with approval from its relevant committees. Smaller projects of a size less than EUR 2 to 3 million would either be referred to a GGF partner bank or potentially bundled with similar projects so as to reach an economical scale for direct financing.

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