Impact Stories

Motoring the coffee industry

Businesses are often under pressure to remain competitive in the market and reduce energy costs, and that’s exactly where the GGF steps in.


With the support of the GGF Technical Assistance Facility, ACBA Leasing, a GGF partner in Armenia, launched a new Green Leasing brand that has positioned the company in a unique way in the market as an energy efficiency and renewable energy leasing service provider supporting multiple customer segments, ranging from micro-scale clients to large corporations.

One of ACBA Leasing’s first Green Leasing clients was Tigran Hovsepyan, the owner of Parisian Surch Factory, a well-established coffee production company in Yerevan. The company had been facing challenges arising from market competition with other Eastern European countries and needed to examine solutions for alleviating the financial burden of increasing energy costs. With a EUR 70,000 lease in hand, the company acquired a new coffee packing machine that provided high energy efficiency and increased productivity with reduced maintenance costs. The new machine finishes 1,200 packs an hour, a 400% efficiency increase compared to the old machine. Not only did this translate into a considerable reduction in energy consumption and costs, but the process improvement also boosted the company’s competitiveness and supported its plans to expand to other markets.