GGF supports EE Awareness Raising campaign in Serbia

The Green for Growth Fund, Southeast Europe (GGF), in cooperation with Čačanska banka, is supporting the Energy Efficiency (EE) awareness raising campaign "Save Energy – Invest in Future" in Serbia. Through the GGF Technical Assistance Facility, the campaign concept has been developed and followed by a detailed screening of the market for identification of potential communication firms to implement the project. Under the supervision of GGF Technical Assistance Facility the selected agency has been operating in several fronts in order to call attention of the broader public and potential customers to the advantages and importance of EE. TV clips, billboards, newspaper ads and a website are among the several awareness raising material prepared for the campaign. In addition, a number of activities such as the Energy Doctor campaign and a student contest have been implemented; while the Energy Doctor consists of visits to households and SMEs for identification of the main points of energy losses, the student contest awards students who creatively propose ideas for EE measures in their localities. Also as part of the campaign, EE promoters participated in the International Energy Fair that took place in Belgrade from 12-14 October 2011 and have been organizing regional conferences for potential SME clients.

To view the campaign website (in Serbian language), please visit:

To view the TV clips (in Serbian language), please click here.

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