Impact Monitoring

The accurate reporting of achieved savings in primary energy and CO2 emissions is of great importance to the transparency and integrity of the GGF. To ensure maximum possible accuracy, every single loan and sub-loan is individually assessed and monitored in its savings and performance. This bottom-up approach follows the relevant EU directive on energy end-use efficiency and energy services.

For convenient handling of all data by the Fund and its Partner Institutions the management consortium is using eSave, a tool for calculation, monitoring and reporting of RE/EE measures and credit portfolios. This internet-based tool is developed and maintained by MACS Management & Consulting Services which is part of the Fund's management consortium. It is constantly updated and further developed and regular quality checks are performed.

The online monitoring and reporting tool eSave is further described here.

GGF monitors and reports primary energy savings. Energy types such as final or useful energy are converted into primary energy before being reported. Similarly, the calculation of CO2 savings is based on the individual specifications of each underlying project. Such details include the national grid emission factor, climate conditions and solar irradiation.

Further details on the GGF's approach of calculating savings are described here.

Reported savings are published annually in the Annual Reports which can be downloaded here.

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