Monitoring tool eSave

The GGF uses a monitoring and reporting tool called eSave. The tool has been developed specifically for financial institutions for the management of energy efficiency and/or renewable energy credit lines and is being used by the staff of GGF Partner Institutions. eSave allows the GGF to determine eligibility of projects using two different approaches, depending on the complexity and size of a loan by the financial institution.

Eligibility verification for smaller and more straight-forward measures is done instantly within eSave based on project data provided by the client and additional country-specific assumptions – such measures include i.a. building insulation, replacement of windows, boiler replacement.  Larger-scale (above EUR 500.000 loans) and more complex measures require an energy assessment by a local energy consultant who will provide the savings calculations. 

GGF measures environmental impact based on the sub-loans extended by the Partner Institutions. The energy or CO2 impacts for a specific project/loan are based on the annualized savings of each measure and its technical lifetime. 

eSave is customizable regarding national or local requirements like currencies, languages, climate conditions and bank specific needs (e.g. branch network and different levels of user access). eSave is currently available in 15 languages.

The data for on energy and CO2 emission savings, project related costs and project characteristics are directly transferred into the Transaction Management system of the GGF.

eSave is easy to handle by loan officers in the Partner Institutions: it is intuitive to use, offers drop-down menus for most of the input fields and includes guidance material and pop-up explanations throughout the steps of the process of loan input.

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