The GGF Green Academy

The GGF Green Academy provides capacity-building and supports partners in enhancing their knowledge on topics related to sustainability, energy efficiency (EE), renewable energy (RE), resource efficiency finance. As one pillar of the Green Academy, the Academy offers support for attending trainings and conferences.  

The training sponsorship programme (TSP) offers support for selected staff of GGF partner institutions to enhance their professional skills through high-quality trainings, or participation to conference and events. This will equip the participants with knowledge in sustainable energy and resource efficiency finance and enable them to more effectively participate in the sector. Eligible trainings/conferences could encompass:

  • EE/RE focused trainings
  • Environmental and social risk management
  • EE/RE or resource efficiency focused conferences
  • Climate change and climate finance relevant conferences
  • Sector-specific trainings on EE/RE

More information can be found in the TSP brochure including the application procedure as well as a shortlist of exemplary events for sponsorship. 

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