Impact Stories

Turning Sludge into Energy

When a biogas project in Egypt needed funding, the GGF’s local partner Alexbank saw it as the ideal opportunity to advance the GGF’s impact-driven agenda by having significant environmental impact while supporting the nascent biogas segment in Egypt.


The 1 MW biogas plant, funded from a GGF credit line to Alexbank, is a waste-to-energy solution developed by the start-up ‘Empower’ which has been actively promoting sustainable waste management in Egypt. The plant is located next to an existing wastewater treatment facility and is supplied by sewage sludge and is expected to treat 160 cubic meters of sludge per day to produce electricity and, as a side product, fertilizer. Through the energetic use of by-products, residual waste is reduced, having a strong environmental impact of processing waste which would otherwise end up in a landfill – a double win for green energy and resource efficiency. The process also enables Empower to have multiple revenue streams through the production of energy and fertilizer, whereas the treated water can be re-used in the agricultural sector. Thanks to growing financing options, Empower is in process of setting up more facilities of this nature.