Championing Green Microfinance

We’ve been supporting green microfinance champions, Partner, for over a decade. Partner has been providing financial services to communities with difficult or no access to commercial funding sources and supporting the development of businesses and the improvement of lives across Bosnia and Herzegovina. Partner has provided over €29 million in micro-loans to homes and small businesses, and increased its rural client base by 20%. After realizing the untapped business potential in rural communities, Partner is now one of the largest microfinance institutions in the country, with over 60 offices.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, over 75% of primary energy is supplied by fossil fuels, of which the housing sector consumes around 40%. Most electricity is produced in thermal power plants, with most private households heating their homes with coal. This has led to rising air pollution throughout the country.

However, through 5,000 micro-loans, Partner has helped its clients insulate their homes and reduce their energy consumption, reducing air pollution, energy consumption and energy costs, and improving lives across the country.

By developing a new Home Energy credit line for their customers and setting up a risk management system for these loans, Partner has boosted its portfolio growth and gained a competitive edge.

Through this collaboration, we’ve demonstrated how green finance can help institutions reach a broader client-base, and ensure sustainable portfolio growth, whilst enabling widespread, positive environmental impact. 

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 “In 2012, Partner found an ally in the Green for Growth Fund, which, in addition to financial resources, also provided the technical assistance necessary to launch such a pioneering project in Bosnia and Herzegovina. By educating potential clients and implementing measures on individual housing, we are making a significant impact on primary energy savings and reducing CO2 emissions at the national level. None of this would be possible without good and reliable partners like GGF, and we look forward to continuing the cooperation in the years to come.”


Selma Jahic - Director of Support