Impact Stories

Harnessing automation to grow strawberries in Georgia

Strawberries are commonly known as an easy crop to grow, but a difficult crop to grow well. In subtropical climates such as Georgia’s they only bear fruit during the summer months. Modern greenhouses with consistent temperature control are the international gold standard for growing strawberries and this approach is crucial to growing the sweetest berries.

Georgia remains largely dependent on foreign food imports, estimated at 70% of its total consumption, due in part to a lack of investment in the sector. Yet when given the opportunity, Georgian farmers have shown a keen interest in adopting innovation. With the help of the Green for Growth Fund (GGF), a small farming business in the heart of Georgia is harnessing the power of automation to grow strawberries with higher efficiency and better yields. 

The location of the greenhouse is strategically situated above a natural geothermal spring. The benefits of which include less power consumption and natural water pressure for irrigation. The combination of automatization and this location means the company’s operations utilize significantly less energy and water compared to traditional methods while also operating during winter months. This is good for business, the environment, and Georgia’s berry enthusiasts. 

Mikheil Zonenashvili, CEO of ‘New Product ltd’ stated, “we are excited to be innovation leaders in our region”, “We can keep human errors at a minimum while increasing our yields, all while using less power and water.”  




GGF's commitment to supporting sustainable economic development is demonstrated through partnerships like this one, which promote environmentally friendly practices to the benefit of business viability and profitability. Investing in companies like ‘New Product ltd’ is crucial to developing sustainable industry in under-served regions where funding and advice are scarce.