Green Academy


As part of Finance in Motion’s “Stand with Ukraine” initiative, GGF TAF has partnered up with the leading providers of green and sustainable finance education – the Frankfurt School, the Renewables Academy in Berlin (RENAC) and UNEP FI - in order to provide access for Ukrainian professionals and students to specialized, globally recognized courses free of charge.  

The project shall enhance the green finance knowledge and professional skills of Ukrainian employees – as well as currently unemployed professionals and students - to help them advance or start their career in green and sustainable economy. By providing access to recognized financial industry certification programs, the program aims to boost the career prospects of Ukrainian nationals - both in and outside of Ukraine - and thereby support the green economic potential of Ukraine during the reconstruction phase. 

As part of this initiative, participants from Ukraine have access to a variety of cutting-edge, globally recognized training and certification programs on a wide range of topics relevant to green finance and sustainability, including but not limited to: 

  • Green, climate, and sustainable finance 

  • Impact investing 

  • Environmental and Social (E&S) risk management 

  • Energy and resource efficiency 

  • Renewable energy 

  • Green technology application and development 

  • and more. 

Please read below about our partnerships with the Frankfurt School, RENAC, and UNEP FI. The partnership is offered under the umbrella of the GGF Green Academy. 

  • GGF Green Academy partnership with the Frankfurt School  

The GGF’s Green Academy had teamed up with the Frankfurt School Sustainable World Academy to offer scholarship opportunities to students and professionals from Ukraine to pursue high quality certification courses in the fields of green and sustainable finance. The courses included in the partnership cover the topics of climate, sustainable, and renewable energy finance, climate adaptation finance, financing NDCs, ESG and impact investing. Find out more information, including, how to apply, on the partnership page. The applications are currently closed for this programme. In total, 34 Ukrainian participants benefited from this partnership.  

  • GGF Green Academy partnership with the Renewables Academy of Berlin (RENAC) 

In close collaboration with the Renewables Academy (RENAC), the GGF’s Green Academy has launched a new scholarship programme that aims to provide access to more than 30 online programmes and courses from RENAC on various topics, such as applied energy efficiency and renewable energy, as well as Green Hydrogen and Renewable Power-to-X - for professionals and students from Ukraine. To learn more about the available courses and the application process, please check out this partnership page.  

  • GGF Green Academy partnership with UNEP FI 

The GGF’s Green Academy has partnered up with the United Nations Environmental Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) to launch a new scholarship framework, providing an opportunity for professionals and students from Ukraine to become certified experts in the field of environmental and social risk analysis, as well as climate risk management in the financial sector. Please visit the partnership page for more details on the offered courses.  


We are happy to welcome Ukrainian participants with varying levels of professional experience in the fields of green finance, energy, technology, and policy – as well as those individuals who are planning to start or develop their career in these fields. 

This scholarship programme is aimed at the following target groups: 

  • Representatives of Ukrainian financial institutions (incl. financial supervisors) 

  • Green entrepreneurs from Ukraine, as well as individuals employed in green energy, technology, policy, and related fields. 

  • Ukrainian unemployed persons who are seeking employment, enhancement of their skills or professional certification in green energy, finance, technology, policy, etc. 

  • Ukrainian students who study environmental science, policy, engineering, finance, or related fields. 

These groups include individuals living both in and outside of Ukraine, including, refugees and IDPs.  


  • Please visit individual partnership pages linked above to find out the most updated information about the available courses and the application process.