About the Technical Assistance Facility

The GGF Technical Assistance Facility (TAF) plays a key role in supporting the fund’s promotion of energy efficiency (EE) and renewable energy (RE) by providing targeted technical assistance to financial institutions and project developers in conjunction with GGF funding. By combining investments with targeted technical assistance, the GGF strives to create synergy effects to support improved EE, the expansion of renewable energies, and ensure the long-term effectiveness of Fund investments.   

The facility operates hand in hand with the GGF, complementing its investments with the following activities:

  • Capacity building and training for GGF partners, who are financial and non-financial institutions and municipalities, and the fund’s ultimate target group, small to large enterprises, corporates, and households.
  • Validation and monitoring of energy savings and CO2 emission reductions
  • Strategic advice to the Fund’s managers based on research and analysis
  • Increasing the awareness and acceptance of EE/RE solutions in the financial sector and among the public.

The provision of sound technical assistance is key to improving energy efficiency (EE) and the growth of renewable energy (RE). Recognizing the complexity of the EE and RE sectors, the Technical Assistance Facility is supporting GGF's partner institutions to ensure the sustainable use of EE and RE loans. This way the Facility helps bridge knowledge gaps and allows GGF to fulfil its role as a market enabler.

To carry out its activities, the Facility receives contributions from international development institutions and other donors, and, at the discretion of the GGF Board of Directors, a share of GGF’s income.

For further information regarding specific Technical Assistance Projects click here  or feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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